Supply Chain Networks

Toreion Trading Network Solutions help trading partners automate and optimize the exchange of business data and transactions. PartnerConnects supply chain network solution is a web-based suite of transaction messaging tools, integrated to the back-office ERP system, which enables buyers and sellers to build robust trading networks. Read more


Toreion is a leading provider of on-demand, sustainable e-procurement technology, which allows companies optimize their supply chains through more efficient data integration and exchange with their trading partners. Toreion's e-Procurement technology and integrated trading network solutions enable organizations to connect measure, monitor and optimize the financial, environmental and social footprint of their supply chain. Read more


Toreion delivers integrated e-business solutions for companies who want to connect electronically with their trading partners. eShop is a building block for your e-commerce strategy. It allows you to manage product information in an online catalog, capture orders electronically, integrate those orders with internal order management systems, as well as, automate Req-to-Pay processes for your customers. Read more

Mobile Networks

Toreion ME Wireless Applications are built on top of the Toreion development framework enabling enterprises to connect information with their stakeholders – shareholders, employees and trading partners. Companies moving toward a more mobile workforce demand increased collaboration in response to an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Toreion enables companies to share business intelligence, creating data visibility up and down their information networks; as well as, across organizational boundaries. Read more

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